Estonian Agricultural Museum

The Estonian Agricultural Museum is located in Tartu County, at the historical Ülenurme manor complex. Our main task is to perpetuate Estonian rural culture and agricultural heritage, promote agricultural education and research, and scientifically examine, exhibit and mediate these to the public using our collections.

The Museum explores every aspect of Estonian agriculture, from olden days of hand ploughs to modern horticulture. In various exhibition buildings, visitors can see ancient carriages and harnesses, a working blacksmith shop, flax-processing equipment and even a re-created poultry shed with stuffed birds. Our museum has an extensive collection of old farming machinery. These range from a U.S. origin tractor International manufactured in 1919 to Soviet-era tractors from the 1950s.


From May to December

Museum: Tue-Sun 10-18.

Cafe: Mon – Sun 10-18.

From January to April

Museum: Tue-Sun 9-17

Cafe: Mon-Sun 9-17

Major Events 2016

1 July Ülenurme Manor and Farm Day. Viss 2016

24 July Open farm day

13 August Assumption of Mary Day

20 August Garlic Festival 2016

3 September Tartu Autumn Exhibition. Breed animal 2016

September Estonian Food Month

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